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BIM World Paris is the leading event for digital transformation in construction, real estate, and urban planning.

The BIMWORLD Paris exhibition, which will take place on Wednesday, April 5th, will provide an opportunity for David Quisserne, CEO, and Maxime Blondeau, Director of Major Projects at Alliance Economie, to discuss the reconciliation between project economics and carbon optimization in the building sector. This question is crucial in an industry where environmental issues are becoming increasingly prominent.

Indeed, the construction and real estate sector is responsible for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions, primarily related to energy consumption and materials used. It is therefore urgent to find solutions to reduce the environmental impact of this sector while ensuring efficient project economics.

The speakers at this conference will present:

  • Our innovative approach to economics professions and how project economics mastery is an essential factor in integrating major technical challenges, including carbon footprint reduction.
  • The close relationship between carbon impact and economic impact, as well as the usefulness of the tools provided by the kompozite platform for selecting and comparing construction processes based on technical and aesthetic criteria. This allows finding the best compromise between aesthetic expectations, technical constraints, carbon footprint, and economic framework.

The BIMWORLD Paris conference will be an opportunity to discover the latest advancements in this field and exchange ideas on best practices for successful reconciliation.

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