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Nous mettons à disposition du client 3 plateformes numériques :

Utilisé en phase amont (Conseil/AMO) pour une assistance programmatique

Version numérique de notre rendu en économie de la construction

Utilisé en optimisation de scénario constructif, en aval de phase d’une étude/mission économique


We provide the client with 3 digital platforms, these applications permit:


The (pre)configuration of different project scenarios (by phase, by zone, by trade) in order to achieve the targeted economic objectives.


Providing keys to making informed decisions about the project’s direction.


Providing cost summary data.


Interactive reading of data in real time in digital format.


Autonomy of use for the different departments of the company (general management, technical management, project management, financial management).


Transparency of Alliance Economie’s economic approach and optimization of this approach (Value Engineering).


The Preconfigurator is a valuable tool for clients of Alliance Economie.

It is used in the upstream phase (Consulting/AMO) for programmatic assistance.

The Preconfigurator allows you to estimate the budget of a construction project as soon as a property is identified. It defines the main development axes to minimize any risk of slippage during the design phase and promotes interaction between the main economic entities of the project to optimize the programming and financial performance of the project.

The "Preconfigurator" Platform allows the Client/User to :

  • access the presentation of the project and its constraints;
  • configure the project by creating multiple scenarios linked to regulatory data, such as the local urban plan or environmental risks;
  • visualize each scenario in 3D;
  • consult a summary of the geometric data of the scenario;
  • compare the different scenarios of the project with an estimate of the cost of the works;
  • consult a summary allowing to visualize all the data and characteristic quantities of the chosen scenario;
  • save time and money.

The Digital Economic Notice gives you access to all the economic data of your project directly online.

It highlights the detailed analysis of the project estimate, at each phase of its design, in order to provide a complete and multi-criteria overview of the overall economic consolidation that we carry out beforehand.

The Digital Economic Notice allows the client/user to:

  • monitor the evolution of the construction cost of the project;
  • access all the economic analysis of the project, detailed by zone and by trade;
  • identify the Added value and points of vigilance in preparation for the following phases;
  • if applicable, to note the optimization options proposed by the Design team, to improve the economic performance of the project;
  • understand the financial implications and stakes of the project in order to make the best possible decisions.

The Configurator is a platform that allows users to configure different scenarios for a project in order to achieve the targeted economic objectives. It provides decision-makers with synthetic information to help them make informed choices about the project.

The Configurator is used in construction scenario optimization, downstream of a study/economic mission.

The "Configurator" Platform allows the Client/User to:

  • visualize the different projects in progress with information concerning the project phase, the index concerned, and the data drafting date;
  • consult an illustrated presentation of the project including the type of operation concerned, the budget, and the allocation;
  • access a budget estimate for each zone of the project, including the estimate elements and a summary allowing for comparisons;
  • visualize the different performance indicators of the project (financial and geometrical) and the project value benchmarks for each zone;
  • analyze the budget based on information on the cost overrun explanatory factors and identify project constraints that may lead to an overrun of the initial budget envisaged by the project owner.
  • select options to define different scenarios and compare them;
  • access the configuration proposed by the AEINOV' teams;
  • visualize the different configuration options, the budget impact, the impact of the different surface ratios and the performance positioning (in relation to financial or geometrical indicators) of the different scenarios,
  • visualize the characteristics of the chosen scenario.