We provide the client 2 digital platforms

  • The Preconfigurator: used in the upstream phase (Consulting/ Project ownership assistance) for programmatic assistance
  • The Configurator: used for construction scenario optimization, downstream of a study/cost management mission phase

These platforms allow an interactive reading of the economic and financial data of the project, the access to a transparent and optimized techno-economic approach of the project, the access to economic synthesis documents.

AE Bas Carbone brings the economic expertise of construction to the service of the environment.

Real Estate Construction is a sector where environmental and financial notions rarely meet. We wish to bring a superior coherence to the environmental strategy of projects, by integrating economic and environmental issues.

We have developed a "Low Carbon" module, which, coupled with our digital tools, provides decision support by prioritizing multi-criteria orientations (economic & environmental). This approach allows project owners and investors to establish the balance between carbon footprint and economic impact.

We have been integrating the Carbon aspect in our projects since 2017, through the labeling (E+C- label, BBCA renovation label, ...) and more recently the RE2020. As of today, we have handled some fifty projects that have been the subject of a low-carbon design.

The approach is now generalized to all our new construction projects; we also intervene in the framework of rehabilitation operations.

AE Inov' has integrated the "City of Tomorrow" program, the first Station F program oriented towards the future challenges of the city, a benchmark program in terms of urban innovation. Its vocation is to bring together territories, companies and start-ups to support the ecological transition of the city.

 AEInov', supports you in the BIM approach from the genesis of your projects.

AE BIM intervenes :

  • as BIM Project ownership assistance: we advise and accompany the project owner on the BIM approach, in decisional and technical support, for all BIM themes

  • as BIM MANAGER: we manage the organization of the collaborative data exchange process of the project.

We also support you on missions to develop skills and transfer BIM expertise.

Based on the feedback of our BIM pole (structured since 2015), on the experiences acquired during missions concerning various typologies of projects, on our capacity of data management, AE BIM is also able to pilot your missions in BIM 3.

The Preconfigurator is the tool for establishing a cost estimate of a construction project as soon as a property is identified. It defines the main lines of development to minimize any risk of drift in the design phase and promotes interaction between the main economic entities of the project to optimize the programming and financial performance of the project

The “Preconfigurator” Platform allows the Client/User :

  • to access the project presentation and its constraints
  • to configure the project by creating several scenarios in relation to regulatory data such as the local urban plan or environmental risks.
  • to visualize each scenario in 3D view;
  • to consult a summary of the geometric data of the scenario.
  • to compare the different scenarios of the project with a cost estimate for each scenario.
  • to consult a summary allowing to visualize all the data and characteristic quantities of the selected scenario.



The Configurator is a platform allowing the configuration of different project scenarios in order to achieve the targeted economic objectives. It gives decision makers access to synthetic information in order to make choices with full knowledge of the project.

The “Configurator” Platform allows the Client/User :

  • to visualize the various projects in progress with information concerning the phase of the project, the index concerned, the date of creation of the data;
  • to consult an illustrated presentation of the project including the type of operation concerned, the budget and the devolution.
  • to access a cost estimate for each project area, including the details of the estimate and a summary allowing comparisons.
  • to visualize the different performance indicators of the project (financial and geometrical) and the valuable benchmarks of the project for each zone.
  • Analyze the budget based on factors that explain the extra cost and identify the project constraints that could lead to an overrun of the budget initially envisaged by the project owner;
  • select options to define different scenarios and compare them
  • access the configuration proposed by the AEINOV’ teams.
  • to visualize the different configuration options, the budgetary impact, the impact of the different surface ratios and the performance positioning (in relation to financial or geometric indicators) of the different scenarios.
  • to visualize the characteristics of the selected scenario.