The Configurateur

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The Configurator is a platform that allows users to configure different scenarios for a project in order to achieve the targeted economic objectives. It provides decision-makers with synthetic information to help them make informed choices about the project.

The Configurator is used in construction scenario optimization, downstream of a study/economic mission.

The « Configurator » Platform allows the Client/User to:

  • visualize the different projects in progress with information concerning the project phase, the index concerned, and the data drafting date;
  • consult an illustrated presentation of the project including the type of operation concerned, the budget, and the allocation;
  • access a budget estimate for each zone of the project, including the estimate elements and a summary allowing for comparisons;
  • visualize the different performance indicators of the project (financial and geometrical) and the project value benchmarks for each zone;
  • analyze the budget based on information on the cost overrun explanatory factors and identify project constraints that may lead to an overrun of the initial budget envisaged by the project owner.
  • select options to define different scenarios and compare them;
  • access the configuration proposed by the AEINOV’ teams;
  • visualize the different configuration options, the budget impact, the impact of the different surface ratios and the performance positioning (in relation to financial or geometrical indicators) of the different scenarios,
  • visualize the characteristics of the chosen scenario.