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Partnerships with schools

alliance-economie is a partner of the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and supports the Specialized MasterĀ® BIM, Integrated Design and Life Cycle of Building and Infrastructure.

Mecenate and social responsability of entreprises (CSR)


Since 2014, alliance-economie is a patron of the Palladio Foundation. The Palladio Foundation was created in 2008 by players in the real estate industry who are keen to integrate economic, technological, environmental, demographic and anthropological changes that affect the construction of the city.

Today, it brings together all professionals in the field of real estate, the professions concerned with urban issues (energy, environment, digital, transport, etc.), as well as public authorities, the voluntary sector, researchers and the media.

Being at the heart of major real estate projects, alliance-economie wished to associate itself with the Palladio Foundation and participate in the reflection on the evolution of the city.


alliance-economie is committed to the preservation of bees.

The bee is known to be the best pollinator and has a fundamental role in the diversity and quality of our fruits and vegetables. However, today, bee colonies are disappearing one after the other in France and throughout the world. And for good reason, they are threatened by various factors: pesticides used toin excess, pollution, climate change (which disrupts their work cycle) and the Asian hornet. Their protection is essential for our future. alliance-economie is therefore proud to be involved in their protection by sponsoring a beehive Aux ruchers du Vexin.